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Join our 2017 Lionfish Derby (Sat-Sun, 20-21 May). Win big cash prizes and more!

FWC logoDon't miss our FWC-sponsored Lionfish seminar at DDW on Fri night, 28 April, 6:00pm. Learn from the experts about these predators, what we can do about it, and some great tips on how to hunt Lionfish.... all the way down to a demo on how to fillet these tasty fish! The seminar is free, and twelve divers will get to go on a FREE local 2-tank dive charter on a Lionfish hunting extravaganza. Must be present at the seminar to qualify.

Seapal CharterTo be eligible for the free charter, divers must complete the Diver Application and meet the experience criteria for the deep water dives set forth by the FWC and Discovery Dive World... Divers must possess an advanced open water certification or higher, or be able to demonstrate recent deep water dive experience (greater than 100 feet). Divers MUST be present at the FWC LF seminar at DDW to be eligible for the free charter.

Diver Application (pdf) - Complete this form and return to DDW. Remember, your spot on the boat will go to someone on the waiting list if you cannot attend the Lionfish seminar.

scout diverThe Problem:
Lionfish were introduced into our Gulf Waters by man, not nature. They don't belong here, they have no natural predators, they reproduce in astounding numbers, and they voraciously eat our local seafood delicacies before they have a chance to grow up and be enjoyed by you and me!

Lionfish Stomach ContentsIf we do nothing:
Precise numerical predictions may be impossible, but there is one certainty... if we do nothing, we WILL see our local species numbers decline overtime as the Lionfish population continues to grow.

The solutions:
Sign the petition1. Support efforts to push our Florida governing bodies to invest in a solution. Sign this petition today. It takes less than a minute!
2. Join our "Clean a Reef" efforts by harvesting these tasty critters. Collectively, we can make a difference. At the very least, your efforts will buy time for a more permanent solution to be put in place.

ECReef.orgMore about the ECRA's Lionfish Removal Reward Proposal
(and why you'll love it!)
Get rewarded for Lionfish cleanup by earning fish tags!!
For every 100 Lionfish heads recorded, divers would earn ten (10) tags for local fish (in or out of season). Two (2) each of Red Snapper, Red Grouper, Gag Grouper, Grey Triggerfish and Greater Amberjack. This means you'll be entitled to add 2 of each while in season or harvest 2 even when they're out of season. Simply bring your fresh or frozen LF heads to Discovery Dive World (in groups of 25 or more), and we can officially record your numbers, making you eligible for the tags. This win-win legislative proposal needs your support. Sign here today!